Janell Anderson

When Janell started Prunella Soap, she thought a lot about the "lost arts" like baking from scratch, woodworking and quilting. She also became increasingly aware of the amount of chemicals and synthetic ingredients that commercial cosmetic products contain and wanted to rewind back to the days of using natural ingredients to make soap.
She has spent some time learning about the "slow food" movement and has been interested in translating that mindset to the cosmetics industry by using only the most wholesome, basic ingredients in the soap she makes.
Prunella soap contains all natural, mostly food-grade ingredients that are plant-based as opposed to coming from animals. She uses only essential oils - no artificial dyes, fragrances or preservatives in the soap.
The name Prunella was a nickname given to Janell by her mom when she was a little girl, because she would stay in the bath too long...her fingertips would turn to "prunes!"