Sydney Henningson

"Maybe it's because I can't stay still for more than two seconds, but I've always been one to focus on movement and energy through my art. If that comes in the form of ideas on an ever-changing canvas of colors or in a roaring palate of charcoal, I figure so be it and I let the day and creativity take my hand where it needs to be. But more than this, I just enjoy infusing the essence of life in my work or maybe I'm just looking for something as hyperactive as I am. Life is a joy, a wonder, and, sometimes, a party and I hope that is what you get from my design, The Liquid City. This work I have given to you now is one of my earlier works. And yet, though many things have changed since it was created, it still has all the spices, all the quirks that makes it mine, that make it a piece of me. From the submerging city lines, to the ever-expansive horizon, my passion for life, my energy, and my goals are still here just waiting to be shared. So thanks for sharing in this moment, in this experience and remember that everyday is a new experience."