Athena Hahn

Living in cultures with rich mythologies created a desire to express the mythology of my own contemporary cultural context. This led me to think about the stories that represent that experiential reality. My work relies heavily on childhood games and fairytales. These games that we play as children and repeat as adults. Games like, 'Hide and Seek,' where the goal is to find someone prepares us for the seeking we do as adults; whether it is for an ideology, a relationship or a set of keys. Communication that is played out with a can morphs into a computer or cell phone. The text in these images are run together in a grid which can be explored phonetically putting the viewer in the position of seeking and sounding out the words from the weave repeating the experience which we have when learning to read. The central image in this series is drawn around the hand lettered back drop so the two layers are metaphorically as well as literally 'woven together' .
I am currently working on a 118 piece representation of the periodic table with a Quantum Physicist and a Chemist from the Keck Science Institute at the Claremont Colleges . It will be shown with an 8ft tall drawing of a baby chick and an pastel grid of 118 elephants.