Naomi Meller

"As a child I loved painting and drawing, I loved creative writing. My parents supported my passion for the arts and for as long as I can remember supplied me with sketch pads, paint brushes, and as I got older it turned into a drawing table and an easel. I always did my best work in art classes when I had to the freedom to create entirely from my own imagination. As a high school student, my art career was looking really great. The road hasn't been easy. When I had my daughter, I fell gravely ill and the recovery process was long. But these are life experiences. Instead of ruminating, now I create. From them I've grown, and have been able to draw new perspectives, find inspiration. I'm self-taught, and I continue to learn on a daily basis. There are always new points of view to explore. My best work has always come from following instinct. Any time I think too much or too long I usually end up trashing whatever it is I'm working on. And following instinct is how I came to create Computer iPhone. I was sitting at my computer, my iPhone plugged in next to me. After thinking about what factors would be cool and functional on an iPhone case, I grabbed a piece of the broken computer that my husband had in the office, and took some pictures. I did my editing. Now Computer iPhone has been added to my list of great accomplishments, and I am so proud to be working with UncommonGoods."