Zlatka Paneva

Ever since she drew a picture of a fox playing with a rabbit in the second grade, Zlatka Paneva has never looked back. “The teacher hung it on the board for a week," she explains. "Every day when I came to class, I felt, this is what I want to do. My breakthrough moment was when I realized that it is easier for me to speak through images than it is through words.” When she creates her prints, the fine arts-trained illustrator says she starts with an image, phrase, or emotion, then uses her imagination to “infuse it with elegance and a sense of humor.” And if she ever needs more of a nudge, she ventures into the California desert. “I love everything about it,” she says. “I love the simplicity of the landscape. The colors and lines inspire me endlessly and often translate into my artwork.”

  • Love Carries All

    Love Carries All

    $68.00 - $150.00

  • The Happy Elephant

    The Happy Elephant

    $68.00 - $150.00

  • Beer Exam Art Print

    Beer Exam Art Print

    $45.00 - $105.00