Jack Daws

Jack Daws is a nationally-acclaimed visual artist, designer, and woodworker. He was born in Kentucky in 1970, and lived there until 1991, when he moved to Georgia to attend the Atlanta College of Art. He soon realized he didn't need to amass a huge student loan debt to make art, and dropped out of school to spend the next four years hitchhiking around the American Southeast and Southwest. Drawing on what he learned from his father and grandfathers, he dedicated himself to a life of primitive ingenuity. During those few years he started thinking he just might end up living the rest of his life outside.

After meeting the woman who would become his wife, Jack stopped drifting around, he landed a great bartending gig, and opened a checking account. He and the Love of his life lived together in Atlanta for the next couple years until they picked up and moved to the Great Northwest. After arriving in Seattle in 1999, Jack got a job in a cabinet shop and has been a woodworker ever since.

He started making these hardwood bottle openers in an effort to utilize small pieces of walnut and cherry that local woodworkers couldn't figure out how to use. He makes each one of these openers by hand, and his dedication to quality control compels him to make sure each one functions properly as well. "The only way to really test them," he says, "is to open a bottle. That's probably the main perk of this job," he adds, "The more I work the more beer I get to drink."

Jack lives and works and drinks beer in Seattle, Washington, USA.