Susan Rodgers

Susan is a self-taught silversmith. Following many months to recover from a car accident, Susan then spent many years in an unintended career. Taking a job in the insurance field to pay her medical expenses and buy a car became decades of doing work that caused Susan to crave anything to express her creative self. This passion was difficult to deny, coming from a family of artisans. After working in various art forms she finally found her true expressive medium - creating jewelry. Susan’s love of nature is reflected in her jewelry designs. Inspired by the nature preserve behind her home, each branch design is replicated in sterling silver. This secret haven is a constant fountain of inspiration, with each season a new gift from nature presenting itself for Susan’s designs.

  • Infinity Branch Necklace

    Infinity Branch Necklace


  • Infinity Branch Earrings

    Infinity Branch Earrings


  • Peerless Necklace

    Peerless Necklace

    originally $92.00

  • Pirouette Earrings

    Pirouette Earrings