Merrie Buchsbaum

Merrie Buchsbaum has been a polymer artist for over 25 years. She is a self-taught artist and has a background in ceramics, photography and art history. Merrie is well known for her sense of color and patterns. More recently Merrie began incorporating natural ingredients into the polymer just like other cultures blended organic matter into clay. As a result Merrie is able to achieve unique colors and textures from nature. Merrie’s work has been widely published in major newspapers, magazines and seen on CBS as well as Fox news. In 2014 the Made in America movie was released nation wide. Merrie was chosen as one of four leading businesses to tell the story about Made in America.

  • Whiskey Pen

    Whiskey Pen


  • Beer Pen

    Beer Pen


  • Lavender Garden Pen

    Lavender Garden Pen


  • Wine Pen

    Wine Pen


  • Rosebud Garden Pen

    Rosebud Garden Pen


  • Hydrangea Garden Pen

    Hydrangea Garden Pen