Maryann Dolzani

As a kid Maryann was always drawing and taking pictures. She was at such peace when creating. That said, time goes on, things happen and we sometimes forget those things that feed our soul. Maryann recognized she needed to feed her soul again. Maryann was listening to a song her husband wrote (who is a very talented musician). In the song some of the lyrics are 'I am broken....I am learning'. She realized how we all have are 'I AM' statements. Some that hold us back and others that keep us present and help us move forward. She envisioned a way to share that message through jewelry and photography. I AM MARYANN was born. Each I AM MARYANN piece is created to provide you with your own personal mantra. Some of you will have one word that resonates for you and others will have many. It's a wonderful process that people go through when they are thinking about and picking out the words they feel, want and need in their lives. I AM MARYANN is much more than jewelry to Maryann. It's about the message. Jewelry is the vehicle to share and connect with others. The intent is for you to wear this beautiful design and be reminded each day of your 'I AM' statement.