Robert Siegel

The satisfaction that comes from creating something from start-to-finish and connecting with the process, (an idea that can be lost in this time of mass production) gives Robert Siegel's handcrafted pieces that extra something special. Drawing inspiration from the traditions of the past that encouraged originality, simplicity of form, use of local materials, and the visibility of the handmade elements, he creates functional and decorative porcelain objects that are simple and beautiful.

After graduating from the Miami University of Ohio in 2006 with a BFA concentration in Ceramics, Siegel traveled to Jingdezhen, China, the birthplace of fine porcelain. He completed two artistic residencies at Jackson Li's Sanbao International Ceramic Village and Caroline Cheng's Pottery Workshop prior to opening his current studio in Los Angeles, California.

Through Robert's work he aims to create an aesthetic that is based on utility, harmony and exposed structures to bring about a contemporary take on everyday objects. As a designer-craftsman, the clean lines of his pieces are deliberate and each limited-edition piece is individually hand-thrown and hand-stamped in his downtown Los Angeles, California studio.