Tina Tangalakis

Los Angeles-based designer Tina Tangalakis touched down in Ghana unaware of the change that would occur. As a volunteer and teacher at Happy Kids Orphanage, Tina met local seamstress Beatrice Agabe. The two quickly bonded over their shared love of design and devotion to improve the lives of others. Greatly inspired by the beauty of local fabrics and touched by the heart of the people, Tangalakis decided to begin Della, a company that would provide jobs to the local community while allowing her to access her creative skills.

It was there, in the vibrant village of Hohoe, among the scraps of fabric, rough pencil designs and long conversations between two unlikely friends, that Della was born. Each product is handmade in Beatrice's workshop by economically vulnerable Ghanaian women working under Beatrice's mentorship. The sale of every item has a positive effect on the people of Hohoe. Tina's intention behind Della is to provide jobs and education to the community, while bringing awareness of Hohoe's struggle to the Western World.