Julien Jaborska

Julien Jaborska got the idea to transform used bicycle tires into belts after working in bike shops for a few years and witnessing the heaps of trash generated by replacing worn and broken parts.

He decided to take some tires home and experiment, and came up with the first belt, which he kept for himself. After some friendly encouragement, he made a few more.

"I put some up for sale on that wonderful creation we call the internet, and the next thing I knew, orders were rolling in," he says.

Julien moved to Portland, Oregon, a city that he calls "the mecca of biking, recycling, handmade [and] weird," where he launched Rebicyclist as a full-time business.

He says that thanks to the support of those that buy his belts he is "living the dream, making cool things and riding bikes."