Limor Yaron

Limor Yaron, product designer, lives and creates in Tel-Aviv, Israel. She has degrees in Industrial Design from the Holon Institute of Technology in Israel and in Computer Science and Economics from Tel-Aviv University.

Before opening her own studio, she worked as a design manager at an office furniture company in Israel. Her divergent education and professional experience helps her approach product design with creativity and practicality, making her products smart yet simple.

" I'm a positive thinker who enjoys creating fresh designs that are fun to give and receive, aiming for a smile," she says. "I try to keep a clean and minimalist line, using a variety of materials and technologies."

As an independent thinker with a gift for industrial design, she develops stylish yet playful products, such as her cupcake candles.

Limor designed the "cupcake" and created the molds used to form the wax. She also handcrafted the first several hundred cupcakes produced.

Today, workers at a candle factory pour each candle and remove the hardened candles one-by-one before cleaning each to make them smooth. Limor is still involved with the entire process for quality assurance. Each step is done by hand, without the use of automatic machines.