Sally and Jane Weiner

When taking a trip to the craft store and detouring through the cake decorating aisle, Sally and Jane Weiner were distracted--and inspired--by the bakery boxes. They imagined the possibilities: dozens and dozens of tiny, knit cupcakes with brightly colored "icings".

Not knowing how to market ornamental, knit cupcakes, they mentioned the idea to their business partner one night after dinner. A short conversation later, they immediately reimagined their cupcakes into decadent sachets, filled with unconventional scents like chocolate, vanilla and almond. Cleverly designed and creatively executed, the Weiner family's sweet sachets were born.

To this day, each sachet is crochet by hand by the sisters and their business partner (their mom!) After building the shell, they stuff each piece with a scented combination of scented wax chips and essential oils, then sew it shut. A few finishing touches and beads-for-sprinkles later, sachet sets are packaged and sent on their way to cupcake aficionados around the country.