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Trudy James

Artist Bio

Trudy's love of jewelry design began in high school when classes in goldsmithing piqued her interest. Today she combines the techniques she learned in these classes with a wide variety of high quality and unique materials from around the world.

The shapes, colors, details and asymmetrical balance found in nature serve as Trudy's design inspiration.

Since 2002, when Trudy James Unique Handcrafted Jewelry was founded, the artist has designed and created each piece of jewelry by hand in her San Diego area studio.

Because of their handcrafted nature, each design is one-of-a-kind. Special attention is given to details and craftsmanship. In a world where, more and more, items are mass produced, Trudy's commitment to providing unique and artistic jewelry designs has set her apart from the mainstream.

Her design sensibilities guide her in creating jewelry that not only compliments the current trends in fashion, but also stands the test of time. The women who wear her jewelry are those who seek to express their individual sense of style.

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