Kathleen Dautel

Inspired by modern architecture's smooth lines and nature's robust forms, artist Kathleen Dautel designs sweet, modern wire jewelry splayed with charming resin touches.

Working mainly with stainless steel, Dautel's formal training in architecture and metalsmithing shines through her clean, laser-cut pendants, which she finishes with hand-colored epoxy resin. Dautel lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina out of her self-run space, Spark Metal Studio.

  • Blue Owl Earrings

    Blue Owl Earrings


  • Open Leaf Earrings

    Open Leaf Earrings


  • Aqua Wedge Earrings

    Aqua Wedge Earrings


  • Bubble Drop Earrings

    Bubble Drop Earrings


  • Nesting Hexagon Necklace

    Nesting Hexagon Necklace


  • Nesting Square Earrings

    Nesting Square Earrings