Jason Wong & Jordan Provost

Hailing from opposite ends of the country, Jordan (New Jersey) and Jason (California) met while working together for a design firm in New York. Jordan worked as a photographer and Jason as a designer. After collaborating on a variety of projects together, they decided to take their collaboration one step further and get married. Oh, yes, and start their own company of creatively designed products and graphic prints.

"We find inspiration from just about everywhere, in travel and cultures, music and nature," the couple says. "Also everything from our collective childhoods...from crafts with our moms to toys and old cartoons."

Jordan and Jason try to design work that "has a subtle wink that makes us smile." Whether it's a song title used to name a card design or an obscure reference that has inspired something they make, their designs are as much for their own entertainment as they are for the public.

Balancing both work and marriage comes easily for them, "We don't really have a line drawn between the two," they say. "Our relationship is good in the way that we always push to make either a design or a dinner dish better."

Jordan and Jason live and work in Brooklyn, New York. In their spare time, they like to wander around the city and take road trips.