John Reeves

REEVESdesign took its inaugural steps when John Reeves was picked as a finalist for Heal's Discovers 2004. Heal's is both a prestigious and a nurturing company and has taken several pieces from John's Louis Collection into their well-known furniture stores in the UK. The Louis Console table which lead to this recognition also brought John into contact with Julian Chichester Designs, a UK based furniture company, manufacturing in South East Asia.

John was offered a job as product developer and design consultant for Julian Chichester Designs, while also being able to work part time on his own designs. Living, working and manufacturing in Vietnam and its almost medieval assortment of accessible crafts and manufacturing techniques has brought John into contact with a wealth of different manufacturing and design possibilities. It has been possible to experiment and work in several different mediums, such as wood, ceramics, lacquers and zinc to produce the current portfolio of furniture in REEVESdesign.

A crowning point in the Louis story was when the Louis Console Table won the Elle Decoration Future Classic Award in September 2006.

"The idea of experimenting and pushing production techniques is very much a part of REEVESdesign and is integral to the Louis design, which of course is a turned leg simply split into quarters. The inspiration for this was not only literal, in splitting the turned leg, but also metaphorical by splitting the past open to form a new idea."

"Living in a world that seems to be focused more and more on "the moment", I believe designing with a respect and reverence for what has gone before keeps us mindful of where we've come from and what we really need. Ensuring that design evolves not only through materials and production processes but also under the direction of culture."