Daneen Augello

Daneen Augello's love of art and color began with her first box of Crayola Crayons. In the winter of 2000, while pursuing her undergraduate Fine Art Photography degree, Daneen's life changed when she discovered glass blowing. Acting on a friend's referral, she applied for a job at a glass studio and seized the opportunity to learn a new art form. She quickly became fascinated with Borosilicate glass's ability to magnify and distort shape and color, absorb and reflect light, and create seemingly vast depth and dimension within a very small space.

Daneen realized these properties make glass an amazing medium for creating jewelry and began building a studio in New Jersey.

Daneen recognizes an inner glow in all women. Glass also emits an extraordinary glow when put in the flame. This radiance and warmth lives within each piece of glass.