Marc Owens

Born 1982 in Leytonstone, East London, Marc Owens studied 3D Design (BA) at the University Of Brighton. After graduating in 2004 he spent two years working in the advertising production industry as a design creative.

He is currently studying on the Design Products course at the Royal College of Art as a member of Platform 11, directed by Noam Toran and Carey Young.

Owens develops critical projects within the design discipline which address issues of identity and ethics. His work is research based and spans subject matter as diverse as the convergence of real and virtual spaces, the development of fantasy experiences, and the manipulation of emotion through interaction with objects.

"Salt and pepper robots were conceived after a robot made me a cocktail during a trip to Tokyo last year," Marc said. "I was fascinated not only by the Japanese enthusiasm for the development of robots but also by the affection they as a society show towards machines which appear to have a life of their own. Salt and pepper robots are a reflection of my interest in the ethical and social issues of our robotic futures."