Sean Zoega

Sean Zoega is an unorthodox designer who has managed to synthesize the supposedly opposing disciplines of engineering and design. Originally graduating as an electronics engineer, Sean quickly employed his skills in the areas of meta art providing music synthesizers to a range of major artists (Jean Michel Jarre, Hawkwind, Brian Eno etc.)

"The interplay of science and art has always for me been the critical stimulation of human creativity, be it the invention of color pigments that change art and fashion forever or the synthesizer that has made possible new music with sounds that have never before existed in human experience," Sean says.

"Design is about exploration, understanding. That involves learning about materials, acoustics, electronics, color, texture, philosophy, people...even sometimes software programming...Whatever is required to better understand the problem. Design must always remember function otherwise it becomes art or sculpture. It may become beautiful art or sculpture but if the function is lost, forgotten or neglected the design has failed."

Sean Zoega has created recording environments for international festivals such as Holders Season in Barbados to more orthodox recording studios for K-Klass and Ian Brown. He has also created audio/visual installations all over the world for demanding clinets such as Disney, Cable & Wireless, Wellcome Trust...even the NHS. His work on psychoacoustics also led to his developments in artificial intelligence which culminated in the HyperTeach AI learning engine.

"Through all my work with music, sound and visuals I came to realize I was always slicing time, applying textures (aural and visual) and then rebuilding the parts to create a coherent and design are all about time. This was what sparked my interest in redesigning the watch. This has taken over ten years of my life to develop and has culminated in the i-toc. The i-toc is simple, but it wasn't easy."