Caryn Pincus

Caryn Pincus is an Attorney at Law, licensed to practice in the states of New York, New Jersey and Florida. She graduated cum laude, in 2006. She received the CALI Award for Academic Excellence in Contracts II and Disability Law. She also interned at the New York Appellate Division, First Department, the Suffolk County Attorney's Office and Nassau-Suffolk Law Services. She started her career at a matrimonial and criminal law firm and subsequently worked as a commercial litigation attorney.

She came up with the idea of Passing the Bar Game after leaving the New York bar exam and heading to the New Jersey bar exam. "I thought of other ways that I could have studied for the bar exam with my friends, aside from drinking and reading questions out of a prep book," Caryn said.

It really clicked with her that certain types of questions are asked over and over again in the same format. For example, every time you answer a Constitutional Law question, the student should always start by asking the question, "Who is acting?" The answer on the bar will always be: a private person, Congress, the President, etc.

When she created the game, Caryn tried to use the most common types of questions and added in tips. She also added fun trivia questions so that students can take a mental break from studying meanwhile they play.