Chris Austin

Chris Austin became interested in exploring her lifelong passion for art and design in 2001 when she chose to end a corporate career as a Special Event planner. Many years of designing, selling and creating special events for Fortune 500 companies motivated her to continue on a creative path.

After making the decision to stay at home with her family, Austin attended classes as a way to connect with her teenager, Chelsea. One of the classes was stained glass. The bonding experience became a passion and led to experimenting with the more fluid medium of fused glass.

Chris established her studio in Solana Beach, California in 2002. Each of her pieces features a unique design, hand-cut and kiln fired into a work of art, both beautiful and functional.

Chris' work evokes the clean lines of the architecture from the 1950s and 1960s and clearly bows to her love of vintage clothes, ceramics and glass. Yet her pieces definitely veer into all-new territory as well.

"I really enjoy the mid-century look that the modern market is finding fresh again," said Austin, whose work incorporates geometrical designs evocative of Mondrian and the linear qualities of Bauhaus. The vibrancy of her colors creates a rich effect. (San Diego Union Tribune, March 2006).