Adam and Jeremy Neff

It was during a high school pottery class that the Neff brothers discovered their true calling. For Christmas that year their dad bought them a potter's wheel and small kiln. Fooling around one day, they made a few "ugly mushrooms." On a whim, a family friend took some to a garden expo and came back with $2000 worth of orders. "From two high schoolers' perspective we thought we had hit it big," says Jeremy. Lucky for the brothers, their dad bought them another kiln, and the family garage was soon a full-fledged mushroom factory.

With just a little high school pottery class knowledge, the brothers started making the Shroomies for local garden shops and gift stores. "We made every possible mistake you could think of in the early days," says Jeremy. As demand grew the Neffs hired their friends and trained them to be mushroom makers.

"When our friends would graduate from college and get 'real' jobs they would usually pass their position onto a younger sibling or a friend...the majority of the hands-on crafting is still done by college students working their way through college."

Natives of Salt Lake City, Jeremy oversees product development, while Adam manages production. They have been in business since 2000.