Kata Golda

In 1999, artist Kata Golda began making natural, colorful toys for her baby daughter. She was inspired by the color and texture of plant dyed wool felt, and she also wanted her to appreciate handmade creations and attention to detail at an early age. As her daughter grew and began to draw, Kata made her a sketch book, decorated with a hand stitched felt teddy bear, and adorned with her name. It was to become the forerunner of what is today the Kata Golda collection.

"I love the texture of wool felt because it feels like a warm blanket," says Kata. "I spend hours every day drawing with my scissors." Located in the pacific Northwest, her studio is full of old things such as a wooden toys, typewriters and a letter press. Kata loves being surrounded by nature and some of her favorite times are spend in the garden listening to birds singing, watching the sunset and tending to flowers.