Bryce and Paola Tippner

Artists Bryce and Paola Tippner are a husband and wife team specializing in glass jewelry. Each piece is hand-worked in a stationary torch, kilned, then hand painted using highly durable paints created specifically for less than forgiving environments. The uniqueness of their jewelry stems from combining the artistic nature inherent in hand worked glass with styling cues taken from the fashion world.

Bryce is a native Oregonian, who during college learned the art of "glass-blowing," and through this skill was able to explore the intricacies of glass, develop a business sense and pay for school, where he obtained two degrees in General Biology and Environmental Science.

Paola Tippner was born and raised in the South American city of Bogota, Colombia. Paola possesses a great eye for fashion as well as a degree in Business with emphasis in Marketing. With these skills, she brings an invaluable contribution to the line and the company.

Located just south of Portland Oregon, their studio performs all aspects of design, development, production and distribution.