Duane Scherer

Artist Duane Scherer has an extensive art and design background, including a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wayne State University. In his early years, Duane worked as a commissioned mural painter. He also specialized in custom faux painting, that is, making things look like marble, granite and slate in the Old World style. This type of work led him to experimenting with other materials and media, eventually leading to the development of his eclectic timepieces.

Duane prides himself on the fact that most elements of his product line are produced and manufactured in the USA. He intentionally seeks out suppliers who are like-minded. The metal stampings, the wood boards and a majority of the clock movements are all American made. Duane is proud of this commitment, and hopes his customers support and respect him for it.

Duane produces his collection in small batches to ensure quality and consistency, and he always puts the customer first. Duane feels that his customers are just like him--people that enjoy what they are doing and are trying to make a living doing it.