Carol Baretz

In 1996, artist Carol Baretz began designing her first collection of silver jewelry. It was primarily a line of geometric shapes with a clean, contemporary look. But something was missing, and it was color.

A friend of Carol's was using resin enamels and gave her the first lesson in the medium. She was fascinated by the myriad of colors and textures.

Having majored in Fine Arts in college, Carol spent a good deal of time in front of an easel. "My paintings were alive with vibrant colors and I wanted my work to have the same feeling," she says. "The silver became my canvas and it complimented the rich, shiny colors."

After much experimentation she became adept at using the enamels in other ways. Miniature paintings and collages started to appear.

Carol's assistant, Janet Schroeder, has become an expert in using the enamels. Janet paints the designs onto the pieces and is in charge of production. She is also a topnotch silversmith. The two work in a studio that overlooks the Hudson River in Nyack, New York. It is the beauty of the surrounding area that is often an inspiration for their work.