Don Gidley and Sue Parke

How does this Canadian couple balance business and marriage after 35 years together? "Staying as separate as possible!" Sue says with a laugh. That means a basement studio for Don and an outdoor studio for Sue. "We get together for lunch everyday. We have a lot of fun." No doubt about that. For Sue's 55th birthday, their staff bought her a tattoo as a dare, and she came back with a red high heel tattoo. "I told them to buy me another when I'm 60."

The pair met while working on theater sets together. Sue, who does the painting and designs, uses bold combinations of color to give the pieces life using brushstrokes adapted from stage painting. Don hand cuts all the pieces from metal.

"Those with an eye for the quirky will delight in the sculptures of artists Sue Parke and Don Gidley," says an article in Canadian House & Home. "Her sense of whimsy, and Don's eye for geometry and line merge in clocks, that come in eclectic shapes."

Don says, "We see our work as urban folk art or folk art with an urban sensibility."