Kathleen Plate

Kathleen Plate's elegant and contemporary recycled glass jewelry has a bit of family history. Plate grew up in Washington and observed the art of cutting and soldering glass by her crafty mother. She still brings those skills to her pieces today.

During the mid 1990s she began making and selling jewelry in her spare time. She did so well that she decided to take her Smart Glass work national, even though it meant putting off her graduate work in American Literature.

Smart Glass pieces are all handmade from bright and bold stained glass, silver solder and sterling silver. Plate believes in simplicity and respect for the earth and the human spirit. All her designs use recycled material, while portions of the proceeds from others will go to support many of Kathleen's favorite non-profit organizations.

  • Boomerang Earrings

    Boomerang Earrings


  • Pop Fizz Clink Necklace

    Pop Fizz Clink Necklace


  • Glass Tassle Earrings

    Glass Tassle Earrings


  • Wave Necklace

    Wave Necklace