Tamara Hensick

Tamara Hensick is a sculptor whose muses are manifold, and range from ideas and idioms to funny notions, stories, and fairytales. Her first piece was a chicken wishbone molded and cast in sterling silver to inspire one to always make wishes. Sculpting in soft, malleable jeweler's wax and hardening clays, her finished designs are molded and cast in various metals. Her collection of cast pewter, sterling silver, and bronze pieces include organic, figure, animal, and object motifs that bring a saying, idea, or whimsical phrase to life.

Visit our blog to read about Tamara's heartfelt collaboartion with our Product Development team.

  • 'Safe' Paperweight

    'Safe' Paperweight


  • Be... Inspirational Paperweight

    Be... Inspirational Paperweight


  • Hand Heart Desktop Sculpture

    Hand Heart Desktop Sculpture


  • Sky's The Limit Airplane Paperweight

    Sky's The Limit Airplane Paperweight


  • Heart U Ringholder

    Heart U Ringholder


  • Heart You Treasure Box

    Heart You Treasure Box