Jim Loewer

Glass artist Jim Loewer is inspired by Flaubert's ironic definition of art: "of all lies, art is the least untrue." But this much is true: his glass blowing is primarily self taught through a process of trial and error, and he loves the relatively instant gratification that comes with the process. A bit of a renaissance man, Jim has an undergraduate degree in painting, a teaching degree, and a law degree he obtained studying at night while making glass by day. Jim focuses on contemporary organic forms influenced by Japanese craft and the American studio glass movement.

  • Heart Bowl

    Heart Bowl


  • Bullseye Suncatcher

    Bullseye Suncatcher


  • Glass Feather Pendant Light

    Glass Feather Pendant Light


  • Sunset Glasses - Set of 2

    Sunset Glasses - Set of 2


  • Sunset Carafe

    Sunset Carafe

    originally $250.00