David DeSalvo

Artist David DeSalvo fell in love with ceramics in high school. But when he went to the university of Iowa he decided to try to earn his degree in computer science, which he quickly discovered was not for him. He graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, and attended University of Wisconsin to get a masters in ceramic sculpture.

He was an apprentice for Russel Kagan and then went back to school for a MFA in bronze sculpture. After years of art fairs, DeSalvo tried his hand as an exhibit designer and then as promotional program manager for Nissan, Infinity, Harley Davidson, Motorola, Frito Lay, and others. Six years later he returned to his passion, ceramics.

DeSalvo is inspired by simple design, colorful, useful and intended to make people smile. They reflect his positive outlook on life.

"I am a lot more fun now that I have left the corporate world," he says.

DeSalvo's original designs are made on a potters wheel. He makes plaster molds of each shape. The piece is then slip-cast with lowfire white talc clay. All the eyes and ears are applied by hand to add a hand made quality to a production piece. They are hand glazed, spotted, and fired to 1850 degrees.

"The exciting thing about this work is the joy it brings people," the artist says. "Everywhere I go people tell me stories about giving the pieces as a gift and everyone going crazy over the animals."

DeSalvo currently lives in Wisconsin with his wife and family.