Marianne Wakerlin

Surrounded by the brooks and fields of rural Vermont, there lives a Socklady. Marianne Wakerlin, the self-proclaimed “Socklady”, is a designer of colorful, upcycled footwear. At age nine, her mother taught her the delicate practice of knitting, and years later she’d make it into a profession. Marianne’s yarn is made from recovered scraps from the production of other cotton products, mainly t-shirts. Along with her team at the knitting mill, she grinds up the scraps so they can be respun into new, vibrant threads. For inspiration, Marianne turns to the great outdoors or her budding artist daughter, whose mixing of colors and patterns serves as a constant source of inspiration.

  • Autumn Sky Mismatched Socks

    Autumn Sky Mismatched Socks