Gary Guydosh

Born west of Steubenville, Ohio, Gary Guydosh currently resides and works from his studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He received his formal glassblowing training in 1998 at Bowling Green State University. Gary now takes time each year to study with Italian glass masters in Murano, Italy, which lends Venetian flair to his work. Before becoming a glassblower, Gary was a journalism/public relations photographer for fourteen years.

"Glass is for me the medium which best fits the expression of my innermost feelings," he says. "When I approach glass in its fluid state, I am deeply moved. My eyes attentively follow the movement of my medium while it takes shape together with my idea. Making the glass come to life is no easy task, but all of the difficulties vanish before the pleasure and emotion I feel when fire, which softens and moves forms, lets me reach the ideal dimension."




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