Gary Guydosh

The Glass Water Faucet was originally conceived by Gary Guydosh during his formal glassblowing training at Bowling Green State University. Over the next 19 years, Gary refined the design and created thousands of these sculptures in his studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was fortunate also to have studied with the Italian glass masters in Murano, Italy.

Gary's untimely passing would have deprived the world of his creation, but UncommonGoods has worked to preserve his technique and legacy. Though it is a different artist, the Glass Water Faucet still embodies Gary's design. Gary has said "Making the glass come to life is no easy task, but all of the difficulties vanish before the pleasure and emotion I feel when fire, which softens and moves forms, lets me reach the ideal dimension."

  • Glass Water Faucet

    Glass Water Faucet