Susan Gould

Susan Gould is a self-taught artist who began her company, Shadowbox Art, 15 years ago out of a desire for more control in her life and a chance to spread her creative wings. Her work includes necklaces, earrings and bracelets that are playful, cheeky and display tiny worlds of sculpted metaphor within the glass.

Gould was first captivated by shadowboxes and dioramas when she visited the Museum of Science in Boston at age 6. She thought, "If this is a job, I want it." Her desire to create the imaginary moment that exists in shadowboxes didn't take off right away, and she dabbled in English, typesetting, paste-up art and graphic design before starting her own line of products.

Born in Boston, but now residing in San Francisco, Gould has always had a love for inventing, designing and playful, creative expression. She says if she weren't an artist she would be an inventor, teacher or animal trainer.