Terrence Kelleman

Designer Terrence Kelleman seeks to create a vibrant array of jewelry that complements and accentuates the modern urban lifestyle. His innovative, whimsical designs spark fascination and inspiration, as he fosters completely alternative views of traditional concepts. UncommonGoods features two remarkable pieces by Kelleman - the particle necklace and the homme et femme necklace - made entirely of Rare Earth magnets that can be formed into any shape you like.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Terrence received his formal education in painting, studying at the Cleveland Institute of Art and the Lacoste School of the Arts in Paris. After graduation he returned to Paris and began experimenting with new ways of creating and perceiving art, stimulated by his rich cultural and historical surroundings.

He returned to New York in 1996, where his work in painting, photography and video media continued to evolve, exploring issues of gender, identity, and cross-cultural pollination to create radical new designs. In 2002 he began to unveil his line of jewelry.

Terrence's work has been exhibited in New York, France, Germany, Italy and Austria. He currently lives in New York City.