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Hallucinogenic Landscape

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Eric says: Be it through graphic design, paint, ink, or print, my art is a representation of my environment filtered through my imagination. Science fiction and fantasy serve as the vehicle for my inspiration when I am working on the computer, but when illustrating by hand I often wonder, then seek to illustrate portions of my environment and how it would be represented in an alternate universe. Harsh lines, atmospheric pollution, and awkward perspectives transcend the viewer through space to a parallel but twisted world. Most importantly, the physical anatomy of the inhabitants are exaggerated and skewed in comedic positions.
Digital rendering
Eric Tonzola
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Emily, UncommonGoods

January 08, 2014 12:34:32 PM

Does Eric's Hallucinogenic Landscape help you escape into a science fiction fantasy?

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January 08, 2014 05:40:29 PM

Wonderful color, love the landscape.

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January 08, 2014 08:00:33 PM

Eric really is amazing...

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January 08, 2014 08:04:55 PM

Aww yeahhhhh

John M
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January 09, 2014 10:13:26 AM

This is some wonderfully illustrated science fiction. Eric Tonzola's work is well crafted and his imaginative concepts will take you to a special place. His work never disappoints and I'm always curious where his imagination will take us next.

Eric Tonzola
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January 09, 2014 08:23:16 PM

Thank you so much everyone.

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January 09, 2014 11:28:44 PM

Truly original artistic expression by a unique mind!

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January 13, 2014 12:36:44 PM


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January 14, 2014 08:58:22 AM

Awww yeah

Big Mike
Vote: Thumbs up!

January 14, 2014 09:00:11 AM

Another great piece from the great Tonzola

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January 14, 2014 11:26:43 AM

This picture seems more peaceful than the other two. I enjoy the mountains, the colors are very relaxing.

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January 14, 2014 02:17:17 PM


Eric Tonzola
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January 14, 2014 05:33:51 PM

Thanks again so much everyone for voting and all your kind words. If we win this piece of art will be available so keep your eyes peeled. :)

Christina Soan
Vote: Thumbs up!

January 14, 2014 06:36:34 PM

This looks PROFESSIONAL! I'd totally get this-it's so hip and looks like it's from Urban Outfitters.


February 02, 2014 10:09:44 AM

This is beautiful

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