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We’re pleased to say that some of our favorite new goods made their way into our assortment thanks to voters like you! You helped us pick truly winning designs, so we’re giving you the chance to win new products of your own.

Vote and Comment to Enter:

1. Each vote gets you an entry in our voting giveaway. Vote on each product under consideration for more opportunities to win.

2. Share your votes on twitter or tag us in a comment on Facebook along with a link to our voting page for another entry.

3. Leave an insightful, constructive comment telling us what you love about the product or how you think it could be improved. Again, you can comment on each product under consideration, giving you even more chances to win.

Two Ways to Win:

Win with a vote...

One winner will be chosen from the voters of each product from this week's new up-for-voting selection. We do encourage honesty, so a thumbs down vote could still win. In that case the voter will receive a gift certificate in the amount of the value of that product. If one of the products doesn't make the cut, the winning voter will receive a gift certificate in the amount of the value of that product, so they can choose something else they’ll love.

Win with a comment...

The best comment left over the course of the contest, as selected by our buyers, will win a $50 gift certificate. Tip: We want to know what makes a product an uncommon good. Tell us what you love about the design or how we could make it better. Share how you would use the design in your life, or let us know whether or not it would make a great gift for someone special. Our buyers take every comment into consideration, so make yours count!

*This contest is open to those in the 50 US states and the District of Columbia, as we do not offer international shipping at this time. Voting/commenting to enter ends 8/15.

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Cassie, UncommonGoods Community Moderator

August 06, 2012 12:32:37 PM

Community voting is extra special this week. We're giving our voters the chance to win great new designs and a $50 UncommonGoods gift certificate. Check out the product story to learn more, then cast your votes and share your comments to enter to win!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 07, 2012 09:09:42 AM

This sounds like fun!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 07, 2012 11:39:26 AM

Uncommon goods has items that you cannot find anywhere wlae. I wait for my catalog. The cardboard deer heads were a hit as I bought 3 for gifts

UG Fan
Vote: Thumbs up!

August 07, 2012 12:10:17 PM

This is a great idea. Uncommon Goods always has great products, so it's really interesting to see everything submitted to you and be a part of the selection process!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 07, 2012 01:07:10 PM

Sounds like fun and a great way to get consumers involved!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 07, 2012 02:01:18 PM

Thank You. I like to vote anyways but this makes it fun and rewarding!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 07, 2012 02:15:28 PM

Uncommon Goods just keeps getting cooler! Love how you pay attention to your customers and their levels of interest and satisfaction. Well done!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 07, 2012 04:13:06 PM

Love this idea--!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 07, 2012 04:30:32 PM

It would be helpful to have an estimated price listed on each item.


August 07, 2012 06:27:31 PM

Uncommon Goods always has creative products for the gift giver who is extra thoughtful.

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 07, 2012 06:47:32 PM

This is awesome! Not only do you get feedback but you give back for our opinions!


August 08, 2012 12:11:45 AM

fun stuff!


August 08, 2012 11:11:20 AM

Very cute!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 08, 2012 12:40:53 PM

It's so great to be recognized for and valued as a customer!! This is why I love uncommongoods!!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 08, 2012 12:57:13 PM

One of the best things about Uncommon Goods, and the reason it is the first site I recommend to friends, is because of the unique stories behind the products. I think this is a great way for UG fans to show appreciation for the cool and fun products and artists on the site!


August 08, 2012 02:03:38 PM

How fun!!


August 08, 2012 03:00:23 PM

I Love to vote on things, but Now I get rewarded! WOW going to Love this

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 08, 2012 06:19:25 PM

This is a good way to give an opinion on new designs

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 08, 2012 07:17:23 PM

Thanks SO much for this opportunity to make something I already do into a contest! I love voting for stuff on your site!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 08, 2012 09:09:10 PM

Making a difference, one product at a time!! Love it!! :)

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 09, 2012 08:48:28 AM

WOW!!!!! love those dishes

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 09, 2012 11:37:12 PM

I look forward to the UncommonGoods email and get super excited to see the new stuff and read the funny commentary that goes with it! I have made a few purchases and LOVE the products. Thank you for your unique awesomeness!!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 10, 2012 12:49:44 AM

I love voting on products!!!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 11, 2012 07:35:49 PM

Sounds great!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 12, 2012 10:55:30 AM


Vote: Thumbs up!

August 14, 2012 09:10:40 AM

I'm new to Uncommon Goods but am so excited about the product line and the writing that describes it!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 14, 2012 01:03:44 PM

so clever!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 14, 2012 02:09:03 PM

How exciting! Thanks for the opportunity!

Vote: Thumbs down!

August 14, 2012 02:18:15 PM

glass straws are 1. hard to clean, 2. chip at the top from teeth, and 3. chip at the bottom by clinking on the glass.

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 14, 2012 02:56:37 PM

I hope I win!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 15, 2012 05:09:03 AM

This is a very good idea!

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 15, 2012 06:26:51 AM

This is such an empowering exercise. I enjoy shopping in Uncommon Goods because of the unique character of the merchandise. Then, out of the blue, they invite my thoughts on new product lines! It's fun, creative, and I truly can't wait for some of these products to be available!! Thanks for the community spirit!

Vote: Thumbs down!

August 15, 2012 06:42:59 AM

It seems very impractical. It's a gorgeous design, but I don't like the idea of drinking from something fragile that might break in a child's mouth.

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 15, 2012 08:14:31 AM

I'm glad I found you.

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 15, 2012 01:26:04 PM

Awesome way to get hooked on Uncommon Goods!It would make me come here more if i got something free first :)

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 15, 2012 02:51:43 PM

I love this idea of letting the people choose the best designs. After all, we are the ones who will buy these products in the end.

Vote: Thumbs up!

August 15, 2012 08:53:17 PM

The quirkiness of items on this website have renewed my joy of gift giving. Thank you!

Cassie, UncommonGoods Community Moderator

August 16, 2012 11:05:50 AM

Thank you for all of the votes and comments, everyone! We're excited to tally the votes and dig deeper into the feedback as we start the process of selecting our winners. We'll notify the prize winners soon, but remember, even when we aren't holding a contest we add new products you can vote on. New items appear in this community platform weekly, so don't forget to continue to stop by and share your votes!


August 22, 2012 08:34:35 PM

I get a chance to win something for my opinion and thank you Uncommon Goods! P.S.- good thing you came to me, I'm an expert in my opinion!

Cassie, UncommonGoods Community Moderator

August 23, 2012 12:49:07 PM

Congratulations to Amy for her winning comment on the Chalkboard Tablet! Our buyers loved her suggestion to feature a different message on the board, and appreciated her positive, constructive feedback. Amy won a $50 UncommonGoods gift certificate for taking a moment to share her thoughts!


August 23, 2012 01:24:41 PM

I can always expect to find something unique and interesting on your site.


August 25, 2012 03:51:10 PM


Vote: Thumbs up!

August 28, 2012 11:49:15 PM

I am waiting for you to give me a coupon to "make your own sale"There is a couple things I want but they are too high to justify it for myself. come one, talk me into it!


August 29, 2012 12:57:20 AM

Yay...c'mon UG I've only won a sleeping bag as a girl scout and that was 30 years ago!


September 05, 2012 12:20:54 PM

It's nice to know that my opinion will be wanted . . .

thanks for commenting