Swiss Votive Holder

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Ceramics Design Challenge Entry

Unglazed porcelain not only has a unique look that complements candlelight, the process also uses less chemicals than that of some pieces incorporating glazes.

Artist Katie Yang considered this when creating her votive holder, aiming to create pieces to invite touch.

Her goal is to infuse whimsy and humor in people's lives through her designs.

When we saw this piece, we loved the mysterious bitemarks!
Katie Yang
Julia Marden, Community Organizer
Ceramics Design Challenge

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Not available for purchase.

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Cassie, UncommonGoods Community Moderator

November 02, 2011 11:33:17 AM

Katie Yang's entry is unglazed, but it certainly shines! We love the unique look of this votive holder. Does it make you smile even before we say cheese?

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November 02, 2011 04:03:13 PM

although very unique, it's just another "thing" to have around the house

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November 02, 2011 05:05:51 PM

Seems a little, um, cheesy. It's cute, but just not my style.

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November 02, 2011 07:40:23 PM

It's cute, but not my style. Maybe for someone who has cheese parties? There's no size info that I can see, but seeing that it's a votive holder, I'm assuming it's on the small size and $50 seems a bit much.

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November 02, 2011 08:48:28 PM

I work in pottery/ceramics and know how expensive handmade products can be, but $50 for a votive holder is asking too much.

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November 02, 2011 10:14:16 PM

Nice piece that combines functionality with artistry.

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November 02, 2011 10:49:56 PM

too expensive but cute

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November 02, 2011 11:48:08 PM

priced a little high.

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November 03, 2011 04:42:39 AM

Unique ....handmade ....artistic....very cool.

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November 03, 2011 02:08:25 PM

I like that she uses no glaze. It is cute and would allow light to pass easily, however it is way too expensive.

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November 03, 2011 05:09:15 PM

I already have too many votive holders, so I wouldn't buy this.

Cassie, UncommonGoods Community Moderator

November 04, 2011 10:35:49 AM

We're so happy to see all of the great feedback for Katie's lovely votive holder. To answer the question about size, it's approximately 3.75 inches in diameter and 2.25 inches deep.


November 08, 2011 07:30:28 AM

I agree with Sara: $50 is too much for a votive, even if it is ultra-artistic.

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November 08, 2011 10:18:04 AM

nice piece of artwork. Katie achieved her goal to aloow her humor to shine through this particular creation.

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November 08, 2011 11:28:18 AM

A couple of my design colleagues suggested I take a look at this piece. While somewhat simplistic at first glance, when looking closely at the piece there are many intricacies that make this piece more appealing. Very good work.

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November 08, 2011 04:04:29 PM

cute but too much money

Cassie, UncommonGoods Community Moderator

November 09, 2011 10:11:23 AM

Thanks for the comment, Herman. We love to see designers sharing their feedback for each other in our voting app!

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November 09, 2011 07:09:24 PM

Sweet, but costs too much.


November 12, 2011 08:17:09 PM

cute -- does show good humor -- but i find it hard orienting an imaginary head the right way to get the bite right (forensics fail?)


November 14, 2011 12:08:19 PM

I actually really like this. I wonder though, is the bottom solid, or does it have holes too? I could see using it as a key/change/catchall bin by the front door, but not if things are going to fall through. I'm picturing this being about 6" or 7" across - is that accurate?


November 15, 2011 12:39:14 PM


thanks for commenting