Gift Boxing
  • Gift boxing costs $4.95 per box, and there is no additional charge for gift boxing more than one item in a box.
  • Our gift boxes are navy blue and made from 28 point recycled kraft paper with lime green grosgrain ribbon and recyclable crinkled filler.
  • If you submit a gift message, we will attach a personalized gift card to the box.
  • Indications of price are always removed from the product or invoice.
Uncommon Packaging: The Basics

We get a lot of questions from our customers about our packaging and the amount of packing materials we use. Sustainability and customer service are at the heart of our business, and packaging is a careful balance of both. We have done extensive research to find the most environmentally friendly packaging at the best value. And while our packaging materials might seem excessive, we want to ensure that your items are not damaged in shipping.

  • What's in your mailbox?
    • 88% of our packages are sent in recycled cardboard boxes sealed with paper tape. These boxes are made from 95% recycled paper and 55% post-consumer content.
    • The remaining 12% of UncommonGoods packages are sent in recycled newsprint mailers. Once you've opened your package, you can discard the mailer with mixed paper recycling.
  • Giving a gift?
    • Our gift boxes are made from recycled paper, tied with a cloth ribbon, and padded with recycled paper filler.
  • Jewelry
    • We place our jewelry in recycled cardboard boxes with cloth bags made from recycled t-shirt remnants.
  • Packing materials
    • We save resources by using packing materials that can be inflated in our warehouse. By using this kind of fill to cushion your packages, we actually use less shipping material and make our packages lighter (and more fuel efficient).
    • And our fill is robust. Sometimes standard bubble wrap can pop when there's a change in air pressure (such as when a package is being flown over the Rockies). But our fill can withstand the trip, making sure that fragile vase you're sending to your favorite aunt in California will arrive in one piece.
    • You might wonder why we changed to a plastic fill from the paper fill we used in the past. We found that the new fill is lighter, protects products better, and eliminates the warehouse dust created by the paper, thereby creating a healthier work environment for our team members.
  • Vendors
    • About 25% of our vendors ship us products in materials that we don't consider to be environmentally friendly. We repackage about half of those to send them to you. The materials we don't use - like Styrofoam, cardboard and plastic - get sent to a waste facility that sorts and recycles everything it can.
    • We're also encouraging our vendors to use more environmentally friendly materials. We take pride that more than half of our products are eco-friendly or handmade; we're working to make sure that's true for our packaging too.

We are always on the lookout for better packaging options. Got an idea or question? Please email us at

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