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Contagious Fun

Turn an ordinary night at home into a game night with the living dead. Gather a team of up to four players to protect humankind by strategically eradicating a zombie apocalypse. Contaminated citizens are wandering the streets spreading the outbreak, and your team will draw cards that allow you to cure the sick and vaccinate the healthy. Place red and green plastic chips over the retro, illustrated faces of the townspeople in order to track the spread of the disease. If your strategy is able to contain the outbreak, you win! This nail-biting strategy game was originally developed in partnership with a New Hampshire-based public health initiative, as a way of modeling the dynamics of a real-world pandemic. Made in China.

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Made from
plastic, cardboard, card stock, chipboard, neoprene
13.88" L x 8.8" W x 2.13" D

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