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woolfiller sweater mending kits

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All's Wool that Ends Wool

That favorite sweater with the stain, or your scarf with the hole in it, can have new life, thanks to this ingenious Woolfiller kit. It's the brainchild of Heleen Klopper, a designer from the Netherlands, and uses traditional wool felting techniques to create patches that actually integrate with the material around them, staying strong even in the wash.

The kit comes with several colors of wool--pick a shade close to the original for a subtle fix, or choose something contrasting for more funky fun. Then, using the special felting needles, you repeatedly pierce the fabric until the patch forms. Felting needles have rasped edges that snag and bind together the woolen fibers. The result will be a handcrafted rescue for your wounded woolens. Made in Holland.

Visit our blog to see the Woolfiller Sweater Mending Kit in action.

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Made from
New Zealand wool, foam, natural rubber
Each wool ball is approx. 3.5" dia; Packaging: 8" L x 8" W
Permanent repair, can be washed and treated just like original garment.

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