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wooden sterling accent ring, choice of word

by Allison Ford
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What's In A Word?

Inspired by the Braille alphabet's graphical force and understated beauty, artist Allison Ford created these bold bands that turn your chosen word into a work of art. Each ring starts as a block of wood and spool of wire. Allison drills, cuts, and contours each ring to size and then sets your chosen message with a series of sterling inlay accents. Dates, names, hopes, and dreams (up to 8 characters) span each light, medium, or dark wood ring in an eye-catching arrangement, like an astrological constellation twinkling in the night sky. To give the wood a velvety touch, she sands each band meticulously with five different types of sandpaper, and to finish, she seals your message with natural beeswax. Handmade in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Braille letters are hammered flush with the surrounding wood and are decorative only.

Pictured: Dark- "Daddy" Light- "Loved" Medium- "Sister"

Click here for the stocked version -"Love".

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Made from
beeswax, sterling silver, wood, mineral oil
.5" H x dia: ring size: 3-12
Please keep ring away from water. The oils in your skin will help keep the ring supple and over time will cause the ring to darken and develop a wonderful patina. If your ring ever seems to look dry, you can give it a coat of oil (mineral, lemon, etc.)
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Allison Ford

Allison is a jeweler and artist working in a modern bohemian persuasion with diverse inspiration. Her work is the product of the material and techniques used as well as the history it respects. She takes great pride in her craft and constantly strives to refine her process and level of expertise. Allison loves each piece she makes and would gladly wear them all, but there is something very powerful and cathartic in giving shape and life to something, then letting it go.
Wood is her central raw material, as it is inspiring and interactive. Allison says, "Working with a piece of wood really brings out its unique personality, the way it smells, the variable grain patterns, the texture under your fingertips. I enjoy creating relationships between wood and different materials including metal and stone. What I product is a blend of my aesthetic and nature's unpredictability."

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