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The Six Scents

What's in a nose? "Le nez du vin" refers to the "nose" of a wine, meaning its bouquet or overall scent. Wine experts can identify dozens of individual aromas in a fine wine's nose, and now you can train your own sense of smell. Open the cloth-bound case of this elegant resource and find 6 of the most common aromas in red and white wines, plus a detailed booklet that explains each one. Get familiar with each aroma, then pour yourself a glass of wine and see how many you can identify. Fortunately, practice makes perfect! Great gift for any wine enthusiast or budding sommelier. Handmade in France.

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Made from
plastic, glass, essential oils, cardboard, fragrance, cloth
6" L x 3" W x 1" H; 0.14 oz vials. Book: 52 pages.
Each Aroma kit contains 6 .14 oz vials of wine tasting aromas.
Aromas include:

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