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waterfall scarf

by Christa Louise $98.00
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Cloud Atlas

These scarves have a airiness that evokes the dreamy delicacy of clouds, but carry with them a heritage that stretches around the whole world. Each scarf is hand crafted from silk, and given a textured border of felted wool. This unusual combination of materials gives them a visual richness, and allows them to be lightweight while still offering warmth—the perfect accessory when transitioning between seasons, or when dressing up for heavily air conditioned occasions.

The scarves are the creation of Christa Louise, a Danish-American designer who eventually settled in Mexico. There, she works with skilled village women, helping them to earn a sustainable living for their families. The scarves are produced with a technique called nano felting, which was developed in Australia and is named after the Japanese word for cloth. And each of these elements, from raw materials to craftsmanship, is woven together into the very fabric of these elegant accessories, allowing you to wrap yourself up in a world of beautiful warmth. Handmade in Mexico.

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Made from
silk chiffon, merino wool
83" L x 15" W
Hand wash gently, line dry, light iron.
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Christa Louise

Having grown up in a family of artists, I started exploring various forms of artistic expression from a very young age. When I first learned the techniques used to merge wool to silk, it was like a revelation for me. I fell in love with the freedom of design and the virtually limitless color palette. There is a magical component to this process, which is the reward for the physical exertion that goes into making each piece. It truly encompasses the idea of 'craft' as 'art'. I wanted to focus on creating designs that could appeal to a broad spectrum of customers, while maintaining the integrity of the art form. When I decided to launch my own business, I did it with the idea of providing work for women in developing countries. Mexico was an obvious choice due to its proximity to the US, as well as the fact that my parents retired there, to a small pueblo called Ajijic, and oversee the daily operations. I taught groups of women the process necessary to create the pieces and chose those whom I considered best suited for the job. We have been working together since the end of 2009 and they are fantastic. They continually improve upon their techniques and take pride in their creations. Ultimately, I would like to have small pockets of production in various countries all over the world. I consider it a win-win scenario to be able to teach women a skill that allows me to employ them, which hopefully, provides them with a sense of empowerment through economic independence.

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