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wabi-sabi bracelet

by Margaret Solow $51.00

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Flawlessly Imperfect

For centuries, the Japanese culture has cultivated a concept of beauty far different from the West. Instead of the idealized, "perfect" form, they prize things for their imperfections, and their unadorned simplicity. This kind of humble beauty is called wabi-sabi.

This bracelet is a perfect example. The pendant is created by dropping molten silver into water. The process is spontaneous and never creates the same shape twice, and its "flawed", asymmetrical form is an inherent part of its elegant appeal. The charm is suspended from a red thread, which symbolizes protection and good fortune. Handmade by Margaret Solow in Los Angeles.

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Item ID
Made from
sterling silver, nylon cord
Length 7"; silver pendant approx .25"
Care: do not wear in shower or while swimming.
  • the maker
Margaret Solow

Margaret Solow

Margaret Solow's fine jewelry is informed by the world around and inside of her, drawing inspiration from her travels, art, philosophy and nature. Embracing the imperfection found in nature, her stones are chosen for their individual beauty rather than uniform flawlessness. Integral to her work is a respect for people and the environment. Margaret uses responsible manufacturing practices, sustainable elements, and non-conflict gems in her designs. collection

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