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vking game

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The King and I

Claim the crown with this centuries-old Swedish lawn game. Dating back to the Vikings, its outdoor rules are meant for year-long family fun on grass, sand, snow or anywhere your competitive streak takes you! The rules are simple, but VKing requires skill, strategy and a stroke of luck to win.

Game Plan
Divide into two teams. Find a flat, open space to setup rectangular markers. Playing fields are adjustable, with bigger lots creating more challenging matches. Kings are placed at the center field line, while shields line opposite ends.

Ready, Set, Throw!
While standing behind your side's field line, strategically toss battle axes at the opposing team's shields. Once you've toppled them all, take aim at the King! The team to overthrow the King (or rather, throw perfectly) wins the game.

Made in Vermont with unfinished Northern hardwood.

Includes 10 shields, six battle axes, four field markers, one king, a canvas storage bag and a rule sheet.

Click here to view a video of VKing in action!

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Item ID
Made from
canvas, wood
As stored in bag: 11.5" L x 10.25" W x 6.5" D; Pieces: 5.5" - 11" H
Ages 5 and up; 2 to 12 players. Store in a dry place.

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