vintage postmark necklace

by Susan Rodgers $145.00 - 165.00

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Whether it was the razzle-dazzle of the Big Apple or the romance of a gondola ride along the Grand Canal, storied American and European cities have always attracted travelers with their unique charms, and they continue to do so to this very day. Artist Susan Rodgers celebrates the enchantment of the Grand Tours of yesteryear with her vintage-inspired pendants featuring postmarks taken from vintage postcards. Embossed with the date stamped onto postcards dating back to the late 1800s, each of Susan's sterling silver pieces provides a glimpse of a bygone era and the voices of travelers from centuries past.

Each handmade charm comes with a copy of the original postcard from which the postmark was taken and a story card describing the history of each authentic, historic correspondence. Together, these timeless pieces capture the essence of adventure, the excitement felt when exploring a new city, and the sentimental ties we have with our homes and our most cherished travel spots. Handmade in the New York.

Sold individually.

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Item ID
Made from
sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver
See copy for measurements.
Care: polish with jewelry cloth.
Chain: 16" L with 2" extender
Venice Pendant: .75" Square
New York, Paris, Florence, Chicago, and Seattle Pendants: .75" Round
Dublin Pendant: .8" Round
Eiffel Tower Pendant: 1" Round
Berlin, Boston, and London Pendants: .88" Round
San Francisco Pendant: .69" Round
Pony Express: 1.25" Oval
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Susan Rodgers

Susan is a self-taught jeweler who began handcrafting jewelry in 1999. Coming from a family of artisans coupled with her years of working in various art forms, Susan finally found her true expressive medium in jewelry design.

The Vintage Postmark Collection began from Susan's fascination with nostalgic pieces and her collection of vintage postcards. To Susan these postcards are a portal to another era, where miniature works of art or photographs were proudly displayed along with a glimpse into someone's life.

A pivotal moment occurred during Susan's search for a Florence postcard. After hours of pouring over vintage postcards belonging to a stamp dealer in Nevada, not only did she find one from 1938 that spoke to her but it was sent to an individual in Sayville, New York. This might not sound like anything, but taking into consideration that Susan's work is in an artisan gallery in the same town on the street adjacent to the addressee on the postcard, Susan found it truly serendipitous!

These moments are what motivate Susan's work. Whether you love a postmark design due to a fond memory of a prior journey, or like Susan, a dreamer hoping to catch a glimpse of a bygone era, they can hold a sentimental place in your heart. Each postmark holds a sentimental place in Susan's heart and she hopes they find a place in your heart as well.

Each postmark designs is handmade through the lost-wax process. The postmark from the vintage card is sculpted in wax to create a 3-D model then cast in sterling silver.

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