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Know Your Writes!

This ingenious device lets you scribble and save with an all-in-one pen and USB flash drive. Inspired by a fateful day in college, Wan Sui Ping invented this portable back-up system to keep presentations on point.

"When I was studying design, one of my professors required us to prepare a booth to present our work. However, he suddenly changed his mind on the presentation day: He wanted a verbal presentation. Unfortunately, my PowerPoint file was stored in my USB flash drive, which was at home. I did not perform well on that day. After that, I always carry my USB flash drive with me. It stores my design portfolio so that I can share them with others at anytime and anywhere. And I always need a pen to jot down my ideas. As a result, I designed this stylish multi-function pen," says Ping.

Streamlined and effective, the USB drive discreetly lifts from the pen's top, without missing a word. Made in China.

Includes 4GB USB card. Pen takes a D-mini ballpoint refill.

Sold individually.

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Community Voted
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Made from
brass, pbt
Pen: 5.38" L x 0.5" W; Card: 1.5" L x 0.47" W
Includes 4GB USB card. Pen takes a D-mini ballpoint refill; black ink. Avoid touching the USB port connection directly to prolong the life of the pen.

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Q and A

When our community voted on this product, some also shared comments - read them below:

61votes, 11 comments


A USB in a pen is no new idea - you can pick these up for $1 from other sites - good quality at that price too - I'd pay the estimated price for a cool pen but not for one that I know can be bought for a 50th of the price elsewhere!

Vote: Thumbs up!

I bought this for my work purse a while ago , and its the best thing! To go with "Dave" 's comment. Yeah you can get these on other sites for a dollar. but the simple fact is, . . where have you ever seens a 4gb usb for $1? never, they're at least 15-20 dollars normally and the pen is refillable. Not like the $1 pens that you are not able to fill a compatible ink re-fill. All in all, this pen is awesome!. :)

Vote: Thumbs down!

Why so expensive? I get it that its cool and new but my thumb drive and my pen fit neatly in y purse with room to spare.

Vote: Thumbs down!

I like the idea, but it is too expensive for something that you are bound to lose.


Great idea but not too sure about the price, it seems a bit high.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Seems like something where if you lose one you lose both. Keeping them apart seems better and USB drives and pens are not that big.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Neat idea. However, with how often people loose pens or other people accidentally walk off with them, I would hate for someone to walk off with my USB flash drive with information on it. :-(

Vote: Thumbs down!

like the idea, just too pricy!

Vote: Thumbs down!

I can buy a usb and a pen for 75 ess than this item.

Vote: Thumbs up!

I don't like the price, like the idea, make it a cool pen with some bling and I would buy for myself or a writer friend.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Pens get lost/misplaced/accidentally taken - too risky to have a USB flash drive with important files!

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